Rupa to Publish Give Your Heart a Break by Anuj Tiwari

(INR 195, 208pp)


When is it enough, really enough?

In love, never! In abuse, forever.

Written flawlessly with tenderness and fury, heartbreak and acceptance, Give Your Heart a Break isthe story of Addya, a flamboyant, confident woman, leading a carefree life. That is, until the day she gets married, and her life suddenly takes a turn for the worse. Caught in a steadily deteriorating relationship, Addya is stretched to her limits as she tries to cope. Through it all, she has her brother Agastya standing by her side like a rock, vowing to avenge his sister.

Picture Credit: Rupa
Picture Credit: Rupa

Will Addya be able to survive unscathed? Will Agastya succeed in seeking justice? Or will he succumb to the wounds of his past? Can the love of his life, Tarjani, provide him succour?

Inspired by a true story, this is an incredible tale of abuse and vulnerability, of the exhilaration of romance, of an unshakeable sibling bond that is at once unique and universal. Above all, this is Anuj Tiwari’s unsparing account of love and loss, capturing the grit and courage of a woman trapped in a loveless relationship.


A TEDx speaker and marketing consultant settled in Mumbai, ANUJ TIWARI was brought up on the bustling streets of Bareilly. Tiwari studied in a Hindi-Sanskrit medium school where there were no English books. Seeing the kids of his neighbourhood reading colourful storybooks, he started building dreams of being able to read in English; however, he kept those dreams to himself.

Despite going through six months of depression and severe anxiety and trying to give up on his life in college, Tiwari is now the bestselling author of four books, inspired by real-life incidents. He has also been listed as one of the top ten most influential authors in India in 2016.

This book is Anuj Tiwari’s most personal creation, inspired by his own family.

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