Rupa to Publish India Ahead: 2025 and Beyond by Bimal Jalan

India Ahead: 2025 and Beyond by Bimal Jalan (Rs 495, 179pp)


India’s fundamentals are, no doubt, stronger now than ever before, but the country also faces several old and new challenges in the areas of politics, economics, and governance. These can only be met if we are able to generate sufficient political will to pursue the right policies and shake-off the dead weight of the past.

India Ahead: 2025 and Beyond highlights the immediate priorities that need to be tackled. The primary focus of this book is to promote the country’s national interest in the long run, irrespective of any party-specific political agenda—be it the right, the left, or the in-between. The strength of this book lies in the fact that its suggestions are relevant for any party, or coalition of parties, that come into power.

Image Credit: Rupa Publications

Image Credit: Rupa Publications

Bimal Jalan brings his remarkable expertise in policy and economic affairs to bear on a range of topics of critical importance to India’s future. Written in an incisive yet lucid style, Jalan concludes that India’s opportunities are huge, but so are the challenges which need to be resolved to realize India’s full potential. Of paramount importance, however, is the need for sufficient will and cooperation among the legislature, judiciary, and executive. This would make it easier to find solutions and move further on the path of progress.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr Bimal Jalan is former Governor, Reserve Bank of India. He has held several positions in the government, including those of Finance Secretary and Chairman of the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister. He was Member of Parliament (2003–09), Chairman of the Expenditure Management Commission (2014–16), and has represented India on the boards of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

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