Rupa to Publish The Greatest Folk Tales of Bihar by Nalin Verma

They are not polished, they are not sophisticated, but they have spoken to several generations.


There are human skulls speaking to men.

There are demonesses falling in love with their prey.

There is a jackal pretending to be a priest and a donkey that goes beyond his duty.

These are stories from the soil of Bihar, from the land of Bhojpuri and Maithili—stories that have traversed centuries and created a catalogue of oral wisdom.

Picture Credit: Rupa
Picture Credit: Rupa

The Greatest Folk Tales of Bihar is a collection of timeless tales that have been told through generations, are adored for being a literature and treated as sacred testament of village wisdom. The stories are a source of joy for younger generations and a celebration of the past for the older ones.

Firmly grounded in village life with characters both human and animals, The Greatest Folk Tales of Bihar is an enchanting read to draw you into a world of its own.


Nalin Verma is a veteran journalist who has worked at senior editorial positions with The Telegraph and The Statesman. He started his career with Hindustan Times in the late 1980s. Hehas written extensively on society, politics and governance in Bihar for over three decades. Of late,he has shifted to teaching and research and is a visiting faculty at Lovely Professional University,Jalandhar (Punjab) and many other institutions of mass communications. He contributes to severalnational and international journals and digital media platforms.

He is the co-author of the much-acclaimed autobiography of Lalu Prasad Yadav, From Gopalganj to Raisina: My Political Journey.

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