‘Soporific’ by Rony Nair

In your town again,

the landmarks look newer;


this used to be my town too.


it no longer is.


school holidays bring kids in droves

into nests and town centres with play areas

that compensate

in the absence

Of what they used to call presence.




the vacuities now filling up

a proxy real estate mafia orgasm,

passing off for development.




and i walked past,

looking for,

that old sign post in green,

one step down from the main bridge.




the white tenets of a sanitized

chloroformed white sanitary towel based tin drum are all that remain

opposite the open air market

a yard from the fish store!


Fresh fish.



The road leads on,

tentacles and ridges

our first shared rickshaw once went past,

broken roads.


Broken people.


you were telling me your domain

was as well known,

for its local goon

as it was

for its proud minar,

in empty grounds.

straddling the temples,





in your town,

it now registers in my mind

in its absence

on a billboard.


home was a mile away

past lakes that you photo

and crop,

the rubbish heaps away from.


the slopes of ruin

never run slow;

but the absence of an ode,

A reason for the silence.



Rony NairPoet’s Bio: Rony Nair slogs as an oil and gas Risk Management “expert/ director/ Vice President/consultant”-up on the greasy pole! He’s been 20 years in the industry since starting off as an Industrial engineer a long time ago.

Rony’s been writing poetry since 1985 and was a published columnist with the Indian Express in the early 1990’s. He is also a published photographer about to hold his first major exhibition and currently writes a regular column for two online journals; one of them widely read over South India.

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