Talking Cub announces the release of ‘Nomad’s Land’ by Paro Anand

Talking Cub (the children’s imprint of Speaking Tiger) is proud to announce the publication of Nomad’s Land by award-winning writer Paro Anand.  

Picture Credit: Speaking Tiger
Picture Credit: Speaking Tiger

Told through the voice of teenagers, the book explores the impact of terrorism and displacement, and illustrates the healing powers of hope, friendship, and reconciliation. This timely book presents different aspects of age-old problems as well as contemporary issues such as migration, violence, and the life of refugees.

The book is now available on Speaking Tiger Books here.

Announcing the release, publisher Sudeshna Shome Ghosh, says: “It is a privilege to publish Paro Anand’s works, and this book has been particularly special. In Nomad’s Land, Paro has tackled issues that are burning concerns in our world today, and ones that specially impact young minds. She examines questions of belonging, rootedness, community, and she has done so in a way that is powerful and sensitive. Nomad’s Land gives me both goosebumps and leaves me in tears every time I read it. It is, perhaps, one of the strongest works of young adult fiction published in India in the recent past.”

Paro Anand says: “Years ago, I did a couple of projects, one with the youth of Kashmir—both Muslim and Pandit, the other with children of nomadic Pardhis, a deemed criminal tribe. The sense of displacement and loss, the sense of their stories never being told was so complete that I knew that I wanted to try and be that voice. Of course, their stories are not limited to a few peoples. Around the world, politics of religion and hate drive one group out. And so Nomad’s Land was born. But as I neared the end of the writing, the world changed and we ‘otherized’ more and more people. The image of migrants making their way home as cities turned their backs, made the book more relevant, even urgent.

I am glad that Nomad’s Land is coming out now—in this moment of the world. In the hope that even as we socially distance ourselves, we don’t distance our hearts.”


Shanna and Pema, two girls growing up in a big city, meet at their new school. They come from displaced communities—people who had to flee their land to escape persecution. Shanna is a Kashmiri Pandit, and Pema comes from a nomadic tribe whose people called the high mountains beyond India their home. Shanna is dealing with the aftermath of a violent act that has forever changed her life. Pema was born in the city, but all around her are people who cling to the old customs.

As Shanna and Pema become friends, they get to understand their own and each other’s stories. They discover new wells of strength within themselves and start to deal with the sadness and confusion of the adults around them. But when they embark on a plan that is as brave as it is audacious, will the forces of history allow them to succeed?

Searing and tender, Nomad’s Land talks about the effects of terrorism and displacement, and about the healing powers of hope, friendship and reconciliation.

Image Credit: Speaking Tiger


Paro Anand writes for children, young adults and adults. She won the Sahitya Akademi Bal Sahitya Puruskar in 2017 for her anthology Wild Child (now published as Like Smoke). She has spoken about and written extensively on children’s literature in India. She headed the National Centre for Children’s Literature, The National Book Trust, India, the apex body for children’s literature in India. She also runs a podcast on HubHopper called Literature in Action, and was an invitee to the India Conference at the Harvard Business School in 2018. She was awarded the Kalinga Karubaki Award for fearless writing in 2019.

She is well-known for her work with children in difficult circumstances, including those impacted by violence in Kashmir and has written extensively on the subject.


‘A beautifully written story that captures the pain of displaced communities—and carries a message of hope, much needed in these times.’

—Nidhi Razdan, journalist

‘An important book, that every young adult and parent should read. In these confusing times, this book allows one to regain faith in the ability to embrace the strange, unknown, other.’

—Sanjna Kapoor, theatre personality

‘A compelling and compassionate tale of two young girls drawn together despite their difference.’

—Feisal Alkazi, theatre director, educationist, activist


Talking Cub is the children’s imprint of independent publishing house Speaking Tiger Books. Publishing since 2018, Talking Cub has established itself as an imprint with exciting books, both fiction and non-fiction, for children of all ages. Talking Cub publishes poetry, short stories, novels, books on history, biographies, picture books and more. Talking Cub has published authors such as Jerry Pinto, Bulbul Sharma, Paro Anand, Ranjit Lal, Subhadra Sen Gupta, Deepa Agarwal, Bijal Vachharajani, Andaleeb Wajid and many others. Talking Cub books have appeared in many recommended reading lists and have received critical recognition as well.

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