Westland to Publish LOVE WITHOUT A STORY by Arundhathi Subramaniam

Arundhati in Love Without a Story writes beautifully about love and the nuances of it. Some of these poems are in the tradition of ancient Tamil poetry, and in Avaiyar’s voice, others about devotion to god and lover. The poems are on love: love for a lover, for god, for a memory or the idea of love.

Picture Credit: Westland
Picture Credit: Westland

The lovers change and the stories fade but the love survives. This emotion prominent in the poems is of bhakti, of spiritual love and devotion that engages both emotion and intellection.

Arundhathi Subramaniam is an award-winning poet and writer on spirituality and culture. Winner of the inaugural Khushwant Singh Memorial Prize for Poetry in January 2015, the Raza Award for Poetry and the  International Piero Bigongiari Prize, she is the author of four works of poetry, two works of prose and an editor of several anthologies on poetry and spirituality.

Widely translated and anthologized, her most recent book of poems, When God is a Traveller (2014) was shortlisted for the prestigious T.S. Eliot Prize. As prose writer, she is the author of The Book of Buddha and the bestselling biography of Sadhguru: More Than a Life.

Pub date: 25 April 2019 | Imprint: Context | Price: INR 499

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