Westland to Publish MILK TEETH by Amrita Mahale

MILK TEETH by Amrita Mahale

(The first novel of Westland’s Context imprint)

Amrita Mahale is an aeronautic engineer by profession, from IIT Bombay and Stanford University, a department topper and also the only woman in her class, who took a two and a half year sabbatical to work on her debut novel, Milk Teeth.

Mahale faced rejection from 13 literary agents before she landed an offer straight from Westland.

Milk Teeth is a novel has Bombay at its heart, a city that has been most chronicled of all Indian cities. It is set in the 1990s when India’s economical liberalisation were turning points in the life of a young nation, in ways that are profoundly good and bad. The book is also a reminder of why the landmark judgement of SC’s reading down of Section 377 of IPC was so essential.

Picture Credit: Westland

Picture Credit: Westland

Mahale is an exciting new voice in Indian fiction. She has a great ear for nuances of class and caste, and of writing up a city in all its many facets.

The novel, now titled Milk Teeth, went through many names: ‘Amoeba, Inkblot’, ‘The Middlings’, ‘Common Ground’. It started as a short story first, then became a novella, and then turned into a full-fledged novel around mid-2014.

Release date: 22 Nov 2018 | Publisher: Westland | Imprint: Context | Price: INR 599 | Pages: 320


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