Westland to Publish TELL HER EVERYTHING by Mirza Waheed

Award-winning novelist and journalist, Mirza Waheed’s new novel, will release on 22 Jan 2018

‘You see, Sara, it had to happen … I couldn’t have prevented it, could I? It could have been anyone, and it was me. It had to happen to someone, and it was me. Think about it. Of all the men in the world, of all the doctors in the world, of all the fathers in the whole world, I happened to be the one present in that place at that time. Someone or the other had to do it. It just so happens that that someone was your dad.’

Where does one draw the line between empathy and sacrifice? Between integrity and survival? Between prosperity and love?

Picture Credit: Westland
Picture Credit: Westland

In an unnamed city, a young Indian doctor arrives to make his home and career. It isn’t long before money and success find him, but the price is steep and often unbearable, especially to a wife and daughter who must watch him walk the perilous path of lifelong ambition.

Tell Her Everything is a heartbreaking novel about human ethics, filial love and the corrosive nature of complicity.

MIRZA WAHEED was born and brought up in Kashmir. His debut novel, The Collaborator, was an international bestseller, a finalist for the Guardian First Book Award and the Shakti Bhatt Prize, and longlisted for the Desmond Elliott Prize. It was also a book of the year for The TelegraphNew StatesmanFinancial TimesBusiness Standard and The Telegraph (India), among others.

His novel, The Book of Gold Leaves, was published in 2014 to critical acclaim. It was shortlisted for the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2016, longlisted for the Folio Prize and was a finalist at the 2015 Tata Literature Live! Book of the Year (Fiction).

Mirza has written for the BBCThe GuardianGrantaGuernicaAl Jazeera (English) and The New York Times

Pub date: 22 Jan 2018 | Imprint: Context | Price: INR 599

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