Aleph to publish MAHE & MANO: CHALLENGES, RESILIENCE, AND TRIUMPHS by Manohar Devadoss

The highly inspirational story of Mahe and Mano who, despite adversities, wove together a richly colourful tapestry of life.


A scientist, artist, and writer, Manohar Devadoss was leading a happy and fulfilling life with his wife, Mahema. But their lives were turned upside down by a tragic road accident that left Mahe paralysed below the shoulders for life.

Picture Credit: Aleph
Picture Credit: Aleph

Around the same time, Mano was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative retinal disorder, which eventually made him go blind. But the couple never lost heart, refused to complain, and instead tackled life’s challenges head-on. For more than three decades, Mano remained Mahe’s most faithful nurse and attendant.

Mahe & Mano is a chronicle of their extraordinary life together and the ways in which they triumphed over adversity.


MANOHAR DEVADOSS is a recipient of the prestigious Padma Shri award. Due to a degenerative retinal disease, Mano no longer has colour perception, and the little he can see is as if seen through a pinhole. Using special eye drops that help dilate his pupils, strong lights, and special magnifiers, along with a photographic memory and an uncompromising attention to detail, he has made several intricate artworks over the years. He and Mahe would work on a special set of greeting cards every year. Mano made the drawings and Mahe prepared the brief accompanying write-up. They donated the sales proceeds of the cards to charity. Mano has written seven books and these have seen a total of twenty-one editions.

In 2008, Mano lost his beloved wife. They  were an exceptional couple who, because of their warm and charismatic personalities, are a continued inspiration to their readers and everyone associated with them.

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