‘Days of Amber and Gold’ by Swathi Sriram

Ah, the mellow yellows of the plump mangoes
Your deliciousness is a heady drug’s dose

You, the sober blues of lashing waves,
your speed and patience last eternal days

That comforting gold of the sunlight’s streak,
I crave your touch on my dimpled cheek

Aye, lushest greens of gardens preen,
you make me wander woods unseen

The crystal clears of water glitters,
Your brilliance masters Almighty’s prowess

Oh the pallid whites of nature’s bleach,
you relieve me from parasite leech

Ey, beauty blush of melon’s pulp,
I drown you in, with an instant gulp

The blazing scarlet of heaven’s vault
you transport the day to a brief thwart,

I wait every day, for the dawn to break,
For you, are my lover.
Summer. My Lover.
Live on, forever.

Poet’s Bio: Swathi Sriram is a Berlin-based Indian writer and poet.

She is a grammar nerd with a flair for well-written flash fiction pieces, short stories and beautiful descriptions.

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