Fingerprint to Publish IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CLICK by Priyanka Mathur

This is the story of Mitali, but essentially the story of almost every Indian woman who has reached the ‘marriageable’ age but hasn’t settled down for various reasons and has hence come under the scrutiny of the society by default. No matter how modern and developed we might have become, some things just never change. Amusing and fun, Mitali’s story takes you through some crazy situations. From rapid-fire interviews with maternal uncles for their ‘USA-based’ nephew to hilarious meetings where she is taught to make poha for the darling son. Mitali seems to be doing it all to find her perfect match. As she ticks off the boxes while looking for that ‘click’, will she find her true love?

About the book: Meet Mitali, a young IT professional working in Bangalore who decides to take a plunge into the complex world of matrimonial websites to find herself the perfect life partner, only to be sucked right into a quagmire of stereotypes, insane expectations, and outrageous demands. After dozens of excruciating interviews, heartbreaking rejections, and obnoxious feedbacks, when she finally meets a guy who is refreshingly normal, Mitali agrees to marry him. But destiny has something else in mind for her. When that magical, elusive moment of ‘click’ which every girl longs to experience in her life comes to Mitali in the most unexpected of ways, it throws her heart and life up in turmoil. Caught in the centre of a crazy whirlwind that lands her in a police station in the dead of the night, two days before she is set to get married.

Picture Credit: Fingerprint

Picture Credit: Fingerprint

About the author: Priyanka Mathur is a software engineer by the day and writer by the night. She shares her passion of writing with her mother and grandmother and grew up with their stories all around her since they were frequently aired on the radio and published in local magazines. Born and brought up in Rajasthan to a family that traces its roots all the way back to Lucknow, married to a South Indian, and now settled in New York, Priyanka’s quirky writing comes from the thought-provoking, and often hilarious experiences that have peppered her life. Although she started writing at an early age, it was dancing and theatre that she pursued dedicatedly for most of her life before she finally decided to re-ignite her old passion of writing and plucked enough courage to write her first novel, It’s All About The Click! Priyanka is also an avid debater, an obvious disadvantage to her husband.

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