Fingerprint To Publish Satyayoddha Kalki: Eye of Brahma, by Kevin Missal

Fingerprint! To Publish Satyayoddha Kalki: Eye of Brahma, by Kevin Missal.

The second part of this trilogy returns to the story of Kalki Hari, the last incarnation of Vishnu. He is on his way to Mahendragiri Mountains to learn the ways of an avatar. Little does he know that he will soon be embroiled in a death match, fighting to stay alive. In the meantime, Kalki’s nemesis Kali journeys to uncover long-buried truths about his past and his race’s history, unaware that Manasa is coming to get him. Will Kalki finally become the avatar he is destined to be? Will Manasa have her revenge? And will the ghosts of his past change Kali’s life . . . and his destiny? A national bestseller, this much-awaited sequel is packed with action and adventure, and tells the tale of an ordinary man with extraordinary abilities.

About the book: After a defeat at the hands of Lord Kali, Kalki Hari must journey towards the Mahendragiri Mountains with his companions to finally become the Avatar he is destined to be.

But the road ahead is not without peril . . .

Not only is he trapped by the cannibalistic armies of the Pisach, he is also embroiled in the civil war of the Vanars. And in midst of all this, he meets a face from the legends.

Meanwhile, Manasa, the sister of the late Vasuki, plots to overthrow Lord Kali by bringing a massive war to his kingdom. But Naagpuri, her homeland, has been infiltrated by their sworn enemy, the Suparns. Not only does she need to protect her kingdom from the Suparns, she must also protect her close ones from the league of conspirators at her own home. Who can she really trust? And will she be able to put an end to Lord Kali’s rule?

Picture Credit: Fingerprint

Picture Credit: Fingerprint

As the plot thickens and Lord Kali sees his ambition crushed right before his eyes, he comes to know about his race and its history that threatens to destroy the very fabric of this world’s reality.

Kalyug has begun.

Can kalki become the Avatar in time before it finally unfolds?

Will Manasa fight through the internal politics to bring an invasion against Lord Kali?

Can the secret that changes everything change Lord Kali as a person too?

About the author: KEVIN MISSAL is a twenty-two-year-old graduate of St. Stephen’s College.

He released the first book of the Kalki Trilogy, Dharmayoddha Kalki: Avatar of Vishnu, in 2017. It has been praised by many reputed newspapers, such as Millennium Post and Sunday Guardian, that termed it ‘2017’s mythological phenomenon’.

Kevin loves reading, watching films, and building stories in his mind. He lives in New Delhi.

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