Fingerprint to Publish It’s My Girlfriend’s Wedding by Sahil Rajput

Fingerprint to Publish It’s My Girlfriend’s Wedding by Sahil Rajput

Tall, rich, and handsome, Vivan is the most sought-after bachelor. Recently returned from London, he is the one and only scion of Bakshi Group of Companies.

A perfect gentleman, an astute businessman, Vivan Bakshi has it all. But he is about to lose his girlfriend to someone else! Left with her wedding invitation, what will Vivan do?

From a silver spoon existence to roadside dhaba drudgery, Vivan undertakes it all as he sets off in search of his love, finding a lot more into the bargain.

A pacy romance, this tale is a revelation that TRUE LOVE doesn’t come that easy. It demands hard work!

“So, a million dollars are more important than our relationship, right?”

When Vivan Bakshi, the one and only scion of the Bakshi Group of Companies, is left with his girlfriend’s wedding invitation card, he is in a fix. For the wedding date clashes with the date of his London deal.

A million dollar deal or his relationship—what will Vivan choose?

A story of one man’s struggle for his love, for reforms and change, It’s My Girlfriend’s Wedding is a riveting read. It is a perfect example of the fact that love doesn’t come easily, it has to be earned.

About the author: An engineer by education, a writer by passion, and a digital marketer by profession, Sahil Rajput was born in Jammu and Kashmir, a beautiful state of temples, languages, and of course controversies. Imaginative, creative, and curious, Sahil can spend hours on end on the Internet researching on a wide variety of topics ranging from history to entertainment.

His first book, Roll no. 77, was published in 2015. It’s my Girlfriend’s Wedding is his second book.

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