Rupa to publish FIX IT WITH FOOD : Superfoods to Become Super Healthy by Kavita Devgan

A groundbreaking book that introduces you to simple, wholesome, everyday foods.


What if you could simply eat your way to a longer, healthier life? What if there was a prescription that could help you stay fit, remain energetic, and protect your body from a host of health issues? What if there was a solution for every ailment—from fatigue to sleeping problems to weight issues? Now, there is.

Fix it with Food is a ground breaking book that introduces you to simple, wholesome, everyday foods that are a treasure trove of important nutrients for optimum mental and physical health. It will provide clear information on 40 superfoods—or in other words, the world’s healthiest foods—easily available and curated for the Indian palate.

Picture Credit: Rupa
Picture Credit: Rupa

Backed by thorough research, Kavita Devgan has easy-to-follow advice as she meticulously explains how eating certain superfoods can improve your energy, help prevent the common ailments we face every day and also, kick-start weight loss. What’s more, she also offers not just nutritional information, but practical tips and fantastic recipes to help make these foods a part of your daily diet. In fact, you will be surprised to discover that eating well doesn’t have to be difficult, it can very well be easy, affordable and most of all, delicious!


KAVITA DEVGAN is an acclaimed nutritionist with 20 years of experience as a weight loss and holistic health consultant. She offers practical, customized programmes that deliver weight loss the right way, through modification of habits, to ensure long-term results. She is also a very popular journalist and health columnist and has been writing regularly for premier media groups. While she is an excellent counsellor, her heart lies in propagating the right information through her writing. A prolific and feted speaker, Kavita has been giving lectures and conducting workshops about the right way of eating and new research-based health trends for a long time now. Previously, she has published, Don’t Diet! 50 Habits of Thin People and most recently, her much-acclaimed, Ultimate Grandmother Hacks.

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