Rupa to publish SANKARACHARYA by K.C. Ajayakumar, translated by Geetha Nair

Picture Credit: Rupa
Picture Credit: Rupa


Sankaracharya was perhaps the greatest thinker the world has seen. This novel is a philosophical reconstruction of his life and teachings.

Jagadguru Adi Sankaracharya, or Sankara, spent his formative years on the banks of the Poorna river at Kalady. These early years provided a clear indication of the enlightened path that he would eventually take. The book reveals how his thirst for knowledge and his search for the truth behind nature and natural phenomena led him to discover the logical answers to what was happening in the world around him. His keen powers of observation and his ability to gain insights into the world around him set him apart from everyone else.

Sankaracharya’s travels to different parts of Aryavarta (or Ancient India) form the core of the narrative in this book. Everywhere he went he refuted existing non-Vedic doctrines and tried to establish Advaita non-dualism as the true teaching of the Vedas.

The author of the book, K.C. Ajayakumar, explores in a logical manner the ‘magical’ elements of Sankara’s legendary life.


K.C. AJAYAKUMAR (b.1964), recipient of Sahitya Akademi Translation Prize (2015) and Vishwa Hindi Samman (2018), has authored four novels in Malayalam. Widely known as a consummate translator from Hindi into Malayalam, his primer on Malayalam grammar won the Government of India Award (2000–01) for non-Hindi writers. His doctoral thesis on Indian nationalist novels in Hindi is a pioneering effort.

Geetha Nair, the translator of this novel, has been teaching English, editing several books and translating from Malayalam into English for over three decades.

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