Rupa to publish The Citizenship Debate: CAA & NRC by Amit Malviya and Salman Khurshid

The Citizenship Debate CAA & NRC
Picture Credit: Rupa

ABOUT THE BOOK: A book that offers deep insights into the contentious debate on citizenship.

Amid widespread protests, the Indian Parliament passed the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 on 11 December 2019. A topic of heated debate, the CAA has divided the country into two distinct groups—one section of people considers the apprehensions about the CAA being a case of misreading of the Act, and the other thinks the ‘non-secular’ Act is a manifestation of the prejudices and malevolent agenda of the ruling party. But does either side really understand the CAA? Or, for that matter, does anyone who has
listened to the shrill and often unconvincing arguments for and against the Act?

In this short but powerful book, Amit Malviya and Salman Khurshid present to us the two sides of the debate that took the country by storm. While offering insights into the history and politics of the citizenship debate, they leave it up to us to decide which side we are on.


AMIT MALVIYA, a former banker, is currently the National Head–Information & Technology of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

SALMAN KHURSHID is an Indian politician, designated senior advocate, eminent author and a law teacher.

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