Rupa to publish THE FIXER by Suman Dubey

Picture Credit: Rupa
Picture Credit: Rupa


Neil Upadhyay could never imagine getting involved in match-fixing. Not after a twenty-year career in Indian cricket. Not after he had sacrificed everything for Cricket—his stake in a large family business, the affection of loved ones, marriage and personal life. Not after he had fought tooth and nail to coach his family’s cricket team in the glitzy new Indian Club Cricket League (ICCL).

After winning the ‘ICC Emerging Cricketer’ award at 19, Neil was expected to become the next Kapil Dev. Twenty-one years later, haunted by the failures of his past, he plans to resurrect himself by building the best cricket team in the ICCL. But, his billionaire cousin, Akash, tries a hostile takeover of the family business and converts the team into a battleground for a high-stake game of ego and vengeance.

Becoming a pawn in family politics, Neil has to deal with blackmail, murder, match-fixing and life-threats to save the team. A strangely attractive woman from his past suddenly reappears to guide him through the turmoil. She has a hypnotic hold over him and seemingly understands his motivations. But, his ambitions are blown, which leads him to make unthinkable compromises, taking his team to the brink of disaster.

Will he be able to salvage his reputation and take his team to victory?

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