Rupa to publish To Skies and Waters by Sirjandeep Kaur Ubha


This is an extraordinary and intensely emotional novel about a beautiful and talented girl falling into the grip of mental illness through no fault of her own.

Aveera has everything she ever wanted—a great family, the perfect college and a loving boyfriend. However, one incident shatters her life completely and Aveera spirals into depression, resulting in extreme anxiety, panic attacks and even a suicide attempt.

Author Sirjandeep Kaur Ubha superbly describes something so many others feel, but are unable to share. She narrates how depression can strike anyone, and when it does the only way to deal with it is to accept the fact that some people are just more sensitive than others and keep anxiety at bay.

Searingly honest and painfully realistic, this novel is the quest of a young girl to discover a way to co-exist with her illness.

Picture Credit: Rupa
Picture Credit: Rupa


SIRJANDEEPhails from a family of writers in Punjab. She has completed her master’s in Human Resources from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She has written two books: a book of poems titled Whispers of the Heart, and a novel called The Triumph.

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