Rupa to Publish Unfettered Wings by Sana Munir

Rupa to Publish Unfettered Wings by Sana Munir

About the book: From the barren dust bowl of Nushki, a small town in Balochistan, to the posh white marble bungalows and magnificent mansions of Lahore, this book captures vignettes of the lives of Pakistani women who brave battles, big or small, every day. These women compare with their Indian counterparts as much as they contrast. Whether it is little Farida, through whose innocent eyes we see the drawing of political borders and the destruction of many families, or Meera, whose attempt at reaching out across these very borders is met with ridicule by her own countrymen; Summi, who shares the painful burden of her husband’s past; or the wanton Maria for whom love and relationships matter naught—these are real-life characters grappling with issues that are as timeless as they are contemporary.

Unfettered Wings is about strength and fortitude; of relationships in ordinary settings that unfold into extraordinary situations.

About the author: Sana Munir has a Master’s degree in Mass Communication Theory and Research from the University of the Punjab, Lahore. She has taught International Communication and Feminist Film Theory at her alma mater, Lahore College for Women University. She has also freelanced for various prominent magazines in Pakistan. To Sana, feminism is not a mere school of thought or ideology but a way of living, rooted in essential moral principles of equality, humanity, acceptance and justice. Sana is based in Lahore, Pakistan.

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