Rupa to publish How to Become Rich:12 Lessons I Learnt from Vedic and Puranic Stories by Devdutt Pattanaik

‘Lakshmi is considered a restless goddess (chanchal), which means wealth brings value only when it is circulated, not locked up. Those who grab and lock her up, get profit (labh) without happiness, not prosperity with happiness (shubh-labh).’


Lakshmi is worshipped as the goddess of wealth. Her arrival is considered auspicious, while her departure is bad and inauspicious. In temples, gods are bedecked with jewels; during festivals, our houses are decorated with flowers, lamps and Lakshmi’s footprints. Clearly, she is a much-desired goddess.

Picture Credit: Rupa

Yet, some friends and relatives, even gurus, tell us not to be money-minded, or that it is wrong to equate Lakshmi with money because Lakshmi is spiritual and money is material. Why this mockery of money? Why are we driving Lakshmi out of India instead of inviting her lovingly into our lives?

How to Become Rich is a simple retelling of the stories of Lakshmi found in the Vedas and Puranas. Devdutt Pattanaik deftly explains what Hinduism says about economics at a personal level as well as at the social level.


Devdutt Pattanaik writes and lectures on the relevance of mythology in modern times.

He has written over 700 articles in newspapers, and thirty books, which include bestsellers such as My Gita and Business Sutra: A Very Indian Approach to Management. His shows on television include Business Sutra and Devlok with Devdutt Pattanaik. He lives in Mumbai.

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